Inclusive Economic Growth

Championing Inclusive Economic Growth

President John F. Kennedy famously said that “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Indeed, an improved economy should benefit all persons. But not all boats start with the same amount of ballast. We are raising funds from our annual Beantown Beanfest, foundations, corporations, and individuals to provide free corporate legal aid to entrepreneurs who cannot afford private legal counsel to form and launch their own businesses : Women-owned businesses, Black-owned businesses, New American-owned businesses, Veteran-owned businesses, college entrepreneur-owned businesses, and more, can directly benefit from legal services provided by NELF’s Equalizer Institute initiative to equalize the odds against bureaucratic red tape and other barriers to entry. This is important work and we won the Gold Level recognition last year from the Webby’s Anthem Award for non-profit innovation in their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion category. We plan to supplement our staff counsel services with law school interns and law firm donated time to create a proof of concept for other areas of the United States to create opportunities for their entrepreneurs.

We gratefully acknowledge a $225,000 Cummings Foundation grant which has provided initial funding for the Equalizer Institute.

“But… if one section of the country is standing still, then sooner or later a dropping tide drops all the boats, whether the boats are in Boston or whether they are in this community.”

President John F. Kennedy, September 23, 1960

We Fight For You

These small businesses can illuminate a path for success and economic freedom and be an example for hope, if given the chance. They need someone in their corner. Please join us by your membership, your donation, your time and your efforts to stand tall for these individuals and businesses who otherwise would be unable to stand for themselves.

You Can Help Us Advance Our Mission