Limited Government

Championing Properly Limited Government

There are two major sources monetary capital in America: private sector capital and public sector capital. Private sector capital grows from the efforts and innovation of all working Americans who toil, create, build, grow, and save. Public sector capital grows by acquisition of private sector capital, sometimes by threat of force, to fund public initiatives that are best-suited for collective investment such as public safety, infrastructure, education, and defense. The nature of bureaucracies is to expand their authority, to justify their existence, to increase their funding, and to grow the bureaucracy.

“[W]hat was created in the name of the common good is sustained in the name of the particular interest.”

James Q. Wilson, Scholar

We Fight For You

The New England Legal Foundation can serve as a check on government overreach by advancing the perspective of business and industry in pending appellate litigation or, as funding allows, by standing up for the little guy who otherwise would be unable to stand for him or herself against government excess.

We welome your membership in our effort, or your contributions, or your time and efforts on our behalf.

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