He referenced the Tax Foundation’s annual business tax climate index, which this year ranked Massachusetts 34th in the nation. Analysts at the foundation said the state’s ranking would slide down to 46th if the voters approved a 4 percent surtax on Bay Staters who make over $1 million a year — which did pass in November.

“Cost of living costs, energy and our competitiveness matter more now than ever,” Craney said. “I’m hoping that this is the start of trying to get the voters to be more focused on these issues that we know they care about.”

Attendees included representatives from the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, the New England Legal Foundation, Maine Policy Institute, Ethan Allen Institute in Vermont, Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity, the Yankee Institute in Connecticut, the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy in New Hampshire, Americans for Prosperity, and WindAction Group.