NELF Senior Staff Attorney Ben Robbins Quoted in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

NELF Senior Staff Attorney Ben Robbins was quoted, and his photo appears next to his quote in a Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly February 7th story headlined, “Can Massachusetts courts hear product claims from New Hampshire crash?  SJC eyes outer limits of jurisdiction in car defect case.”

The story says in part: “The case presents traditional questions of personal jurisdiction, according to [Senior Staff Attorney] Ben Robbins, who filed an amicus brief on behalf of the New England Legal Foundation.”

Ben is quoted:

“My understanding of well-established precedent under both the state’s long-arm statute and the Due Process Clause is that jurisdiction cannot lie in Massachusetts,” Robbins said. “That’s because all of the relevant facts to the underlying claim point to where the plaintiff resided, purchased the allegedly defective product, and suffered injuries in his auto accident.”

Read the full story here.


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