New England Legal Foundation Couples Applause with Warning on SCOTUS Chevron Decision

New England Legal Foundation Couples Applause with Warning on SCOTUS Chevron Decision


BOSTON – The New England Legal Foundation (NELF –, a non-partisan, non-profit public interest organization that advocates for economic liberty and limited government based on rule of law, today issued a statement praising the Supreme Court decision in the Loper Bright decision overturning the Chevron doctrine but sounded a note of caution. NELF was the first organization in the Nation to urge U.S. Supreme Court review of the case.

“Today’s decision reaffirms the judiciary’s independent role under the Constitution to interpret statutes to enforce the will of Congress. The Court has rejected Chevron’s automatic presumption that judges must defer to administrative agencies in resolving disputed issues of law. However, this is an evolving area of the law and Congress could have the last word. We need to make sure that we have not merely traded the unelected administrative state for the unelected judicial branch. If the pendulum swings too far in the opposite direction, Congress could simply amend the federal Administrative Procedure Act to reestablish the balance between courts and agencies in the reasonable interpretation of administrative statutes.

This decision will have massive implications for federal agencies that regulate other business sectors. We will continue to be a watchdog against agency overreach.”



About the New England Legal Foundation – Founded in 1977, the New England Legal Foundation (NELF) is the leading non-partisan, non-profit public interest law firm in the region dedicated to economic liberty. NELF’s ongoing mission is to champion free enterprise, property rights, limited government based on rule of law, and inclusive economic growth. We believe that free enterprise is a foundational value of a democratic society and the best opportunity for people to lift themselves to prosperity.


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