News Release: Providence Lawyer Appointed to New England Legal Foundation’s Rhode Island Advisory Council

News Release – For Immediate Release – News Release

August 9, 2023

Providence Lawyer Appointed to New England Legal Foundation’s Rhode Island Advisory Council



PROVIDENCE – The New England Legal Foundation today announced the appointment of Paul Kessimian, Co-Managing Partner and Litigation Practice Group Chair of the law firm of Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP, to the Rhode Island Advisory Council.  NELF is a prestigious non-profit, non-partisan legal organization of top in-house lawyers and law firm partners that advocates for free enterprise, property rights, rule of law, and inclusive growth in the New England region.

Kessimian, as a member of the Rhode Island Advisory Council, will advise the organization about developing or pending litigation in Rhode Island that may impact the business climate where NELF should direct its advocacy to shape state and federal law to be more favorable to free enterprise.  The Council includes some of the top lawyers in Rhode Island.

“We are honored to have a lawyer of Paul Kessimian’s reputation and capabilities join our ranks of some of the top legal advocates in the state,” said NELF President Dan Winslow. “Partridge Snow & Hahn enjoys a well-earned reputation as one of the top go-to law firms for business in the state of Rhode Island,” noted Winslow, “so we are confident that Paul will have his finger on the pulse of what matters to business and how we can knock down barriers to success.”

“I am excited to help lead and guide the New England Legal Foundation in its important mission of promoting the rule of law in Rhode Island,” said Kessimian.  “Lawyers play a critical role in the administration of justice through the rule of law in our society.  Without it, inclusive growth and fundamental fairness are impossible to achieve.”



About the New England Legal Foundation

Founded in 1977, the New England Legal Foundation (NELF – is the leading non-partisan, non-profit public interest law firm in the region dedicated to economic liberty. NELF’s ongoing mission is to champion free enterprise, property rights, limited government based on rule of law, and inclusive economic growth. We believe that free enterprise is a foundational value of a democratic society and the best opportunity for people to lift themselves to prosperity.




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