Traditional Property Rights

Standing for Individual Property Rights Since 1977

Imagine a Boston widow who owns and lives in a triple decker apartment building, who relies on her tenants’ rent to be able to pay the mortgage on her home, who is unable to enforce her lease agreement and risks losing her home because of a governmental order that provides no financial relief for her?

Imagine politicians who support laws and regulations that grossly and artificially increase the costs and limit the supply of rental housing, who propose the solution of more governmental regulation, such as rent control, to solve the problem created by governmental regulation?

Imagine state and local regulations and laws that needlessly inflate the cost of single family homes so that home ownership is out of reach for broad segments of our citizens?

“We feel that if in exceptional cases there is any conflict between the rights of property and the rights of man, then we must stand for the rights of man.”

Theodore Roosevelt

We Fight For You

These and many other examples are happening in New England right now. With your donations and support, the New England Legal Foundation can enforce our constitutional protections against unlawful takings and to guard against further governmental self-inflicted injury that has resulted in people sleeping in the streets of the wealthiest nation on Earth.

We need your help in this effort. With our nearly fifty-year history of excellence in legal advocacy, the New England Legal Foundation can stand as a guardian of traditional property rights. We welcome your support, your membership, your donations, your time and good will in this important effort.

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