U.S. Supreme Court Grants Review in Major Climate Impact Cases: New England Legal Foundation Amicus Brief Urged Review

BOSTON – The New England Legal Foundation is celebrating a decision of the United States Supreme Court to grant further review of a series of cases that will define the scope of federal environmental authority affecting emissions and climate change. The lead case is called West Virginia v. EPA.

NELF had filed an amicus brief in one of the cases urging the Court to grant further appellate review.

John Pagliaro, NELF Staff Attorney who authored the amicus brief, noted that “In 2014 the Supreme Court cautioned EPA that the agency has no power to ‘tailor’ federal statutes to fit bureaucratic policy goals. Unfortunately, in these four cases EPA failed to heed the warning.”  The case will track similar filings by the New England Legal Foundation that have urged reasonable limits on unfettered federal bureaucratic discretion impacting air, water and climate.

“One of our core objectives at the New England Legal Foundation is to advocate for limited and good government,” said NELF President Dan Winslow. “This review by the United States Supreme Court will be important in defining the limits of federal agency power and could encourage economic growth free from the uncertainty of bureaucratic predilection.”


About the New England Legal Foundation: For nearly 50 years, the New England Legal Foundation has filed amicus briefs and impact litigation in support of free enterprise, property rights, good and limited  government, and inclusive economic growth.



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