Winslow to Speak on Free Market Alternative to Rent Control at Boston College Law School

Attainable Rental Housing and Permitting Processes: A Conversation with Dan Winslow, President, New England Legal Foundation


The Federalist Society at Boston College Law School is hosting a conversation with NELF President Dan Winslow about his work on a package of model local laws to encourage development of more attainable rental housing without government imposed rent control.

“So much of the problem of housing affordability and availability results from self-inflicted injury of over regulation,” said Winslow. “There are solutions based on free market principles that have not yet been part of the dialogue in public policy. The New England Legal Foundation aims to change that to create housing equity and opportunity for all people.”

The Boston College Law School chapter of the nationwide Federalist Society brings speakers to campus and sponsors events which foster individual liberty, limited government and the rule of law.



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